Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Exhibition Updates 2.

Here's one of six of my finished pieces for the group show Don't Quit Your Day Job. We'll be celebrating the opening night this Friday 1st October from 6-8pm, so come join us!

Photo courtesy of Lauren Olney, taken during a smoke break at work.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Exhibition Updates.

With only two more weeks to go, I'm running pretty late with my animal books... three big books need to be glued shut, four little books need to be cut and illustrated, but my plastic animals buddies are having fun playing with each other while they wait for their new homes which makes everybody happy.

Exhibition catalogue is about 80% finished as well, and I think it's looking pretty hot so do pop in for the exhibition and pick up a free copy (then maybe buy a copy of Still Warm!).

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Don't Quit Your Day Job.

Don't Quit Your Day Job is an exhibition held by eight lovely ladies and myself at the Hogan Gallery on 310 Smith Street, Collingwood. We decided to team up and combine our superhuman abilities to create strange and wonderful installations, photography and illustrations. I've also been designing promotional flyers and a little catalogue to be handed out on the opening night.

Mad talented artists involved include:
Veronica Fisher
Aviv Gazit
Jane Hamilton
Bobby Harrington
Ned Karam
Hannah Miller
Jessie Ngaio
Lauren Olney
Frankie Pan

Also, Alison Wylie aka Flo One will be spinning some killer tunes for the duration of the opening night and Hannah and I will be launching and selling issue one of Still Warm too. See you there!

Opening night: 6-8pm Friday October 1, 2010.
Exhibition dates: October 1-14, 2010.