Sunday, January 20, 2013

Slugface Test Subject 01

This is Sam, the first of the three slug head sculptures that I will be using for the "After Six" group exhibition in March. I'm still trying to source for more realistic acrylic eyeballs... although these very blue alien ones are starting growing on me.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Updates: Hadouken Elvis!!!

After my last post in November, I've prepared myself for turning 30 by revisiting Xmen: The Animated Series and X-Files with my cat Elvis over the holiday season. It was awesome having conversations with Elvis about Magneto being rad or just how much of a hottie Agent Scully is. These discussions eventually led into deep conversations about love, life and what we both should do with them.

Elvis has decided to overcome his fear of the camera and wants me to help him shoot his own reality show about his sleepy adventures.

As for myself, I plan to slowly and steadily wake up from my TV indulgence / creative hibernation, starting with making new illustrative as well as sculptural art for a group exhibition in March. I think it will be about slugs... so so so many slugs

In regards to love, we will both continue to push through season 2 and eventually complete all nine seasons of X Files to spend more time with Special Agent Dana Scully.