Saturday, May 31, 2008

End of May Update.

WELL, I have been working full time recently in a small studio in Fitzroy, and really enjoying the work. I've been feeling creative and can't wait to churn out more interesting stuff.

OH, I also updated Eff Loves You with a new song called "Bok Choy Cowboy", featuring Renyi's vocal talents and Chen's guitars over an old midi track I created.

MY sock books have completely sold out at Sticky really quickly! I received my payment yesterday, and Sticky requested for 20 more cuz they loved it so much! Flashback.

There is beauty everywhere if you want to look.

"If you could just see the beauty,
These things I could never describe,
These pleasures a wayward distraction,
This is my one lucky prize."

Joy Division, Isolation.