Sunday, February 28, 2010

Busy little bee.

Things slowed down just for a moment as I decided to take a break after the insanity of the zine fair book preparations, and now it's back to being a busy little bee.

Most of the articles have been completed for Still Warm, a zine that Hannah and I have started earlier this year... which means it's time for me to start getting the design and layouts churned out soon. There's still a couple more photoshoots we'd like to get done, and we're definitely going to approach Lauren again for all our photography because she was absolutely brilliant for the dodgeball shoot (and also a little special thanks here to Ned for letting us throw dodgeballs at her head). We've also received a couple of contributions in the form of a sweet little essay about first loves, and a bizarre comic strip about sex and ponies.

Then there's further development with the big branding project for Inversion Studios, a recording studio in Singapore. And I'm also getting back into the groove of things with David Carla and Fish School, two musical projects experimenting with vocal distortion and electronica through Ableton. With DC, it's more experimenting with industrial and shoegaze genres, and then Fish School sounds like... mm, just imagine that you accidentally fell into the ocean and all the fish are really friendly and shit, that's what we sound like.

And yes, that is a photo of me with very nice breasts.

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