Sunday, July 27, 2008

End of July Update.

WORK life has been rather busy, so much that sometimes on the tram I imagine the outlines of little baby zombies stumbling around and chewing on the shoes of the living. I'm still working on a Feck catalogue which is taking much longer than expected, and I've also recently done a couple of mini projects such as an ad for IShotMyself (which will be in the next photo issue of Vice Magazine) and some promotional posters/postcards for Isabel Hertaeg's show "La Petite Mort - The Orgasm", which is part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

BLAH blah blah, now for interesting updates! A few fellow tentacle embracing friends (the loverly Breanna, Lauren, Ilana, Adele and Claire) and I are collaborating on a short film for Trasharama. Still currently untitled, I assure you that it will be ridiculously good because it will contain blood, gore, baby octopuses, nudity and horny teenagers at the prom. Shooting commenced last Friday at the Is Not Magazine party where we filmed the prom scenes, and hopefully everything will be chopped up and edited by September.

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